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Joel Newman has handled many high visibility business litigation cases which have been covered in the press and documented by Joel himself.

Business litigation law firm H. Joel Newman used early mediation to avoid costly court battles and settle two shareholder lawsuits.

Both Michigan shareholder disputes resulted in sizeable settlements.

Newman $2.2 Million arbitration decision makes Michigan Lawyers Weekly list of 2016 Million Dollar Verdicts and Settlements list.

Newman's $2.2 Million minority shareholders asserted oppression arbitration decision is largest in the Arbitration category.

Family. One more reason to consider preventative measures to avoid Shareholder Disputes. {video}

Attorney H. Joel Newman illustrates how shareholder disputes can be even more complicated when family is involved.

Advice for those considering business litigation from one of Detroit's top commercial litigation lawyers. {video}

Attorney H. Joel Newman offers free advice for those considering business litigation from one of Detroit's top commercial litigation lawyers.

Buy-Sell agreements can prevent Shareholder Lawsuits

Owners of closely held corporations and limited liability companies frequently have no way to cash out because there is no ready market for their fractional shares. A buy-sell agreement can be incorporated in the Company’s operating agreement, or it can be a stand-alone document.

Joel Newman talks about the focus of his practice {video}

Attorney H. Joel Newman discusses the focus of his business law firm, Shareholder Disputes and Business Litigation.

How to select the best lawyer for business litigation

Finding the best lawyer for your case can be the difference between winning and losing: How to find the right lawyer for business litigation.

How to Avoid or Litigate Michigan Shareholder lawsuits In Closely Held Companies

The Michigan Business Corporation Act and Limited Liability Company Act permit a shareholder in a closely held corporation or an LLC member to file a lawsuit if the acts of directors or others exercising control are “illegal, fraudulent, or willfully unfair and oppressive to the company and/or to the shareholder/member.

How To Protect Minority Shareholder Rights

Now more than ever, small businesses can turn suddenly and sharply for better or worse. And, if you’re in a position of little or no control, it’s imperative that you protect yourself and your interests. These proactive measures can help you along the way.

School Bus Manufacturer Found Liable for Fraudulent Misrepresentation Regarding Dangerous Vehicles

The business fraud lawsuit alleged that the defects in these motor homes, which Blue Bird denied and/or failed to disclose, were known for years, even as it continued to manufacture and sell the vehicles.

Protecting The Rights Of Minority Shareholders, by H. Joel Newman

Informal interactions among owners of small businesses often make it difficult for those with little or no control -- such as minority owners -- to protect themselves and their interests.

Profile of Joel Newman In Legal News

This article chronicles Joel Newman's journey from 8th grade drop out to one of Michigan's predominant business litigation attornies.

Newman Featured in Book

H. Joel Newman featured in the book "In The Trenches" by Norman Lippett.

Most Common Causes Of Shareholder Disputes. {video}

Michigan Business Litigation Attorney H. Joel Newman lays out the most common causes of shareholder disputes, partner disputes and member disputes and in LLC and other closely held corporations.