Representing real estate developers who owned more than 4,000 apartment units, we were successful in obtaining a declaratory judgment striking down a refuse collection ordinance as unconstitutional. The ordinance required local businesses to use the Township's very expensive collection and incineration service. Our lawsuit resulted in the closing of an incinerator serving five municipalities and savings of millions of dollars to our clients.

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Mr. Newman has represented the following clients in important business litigation matters. Individual client names are withheld to protect their privacy.

Acme Roll Forming
Advance Steel
Allegence Capital
Atlas Logistics
Atlas Trucking
Auburn Real Estate Investors
Becker Ventures
Big Net
Black Beauty Sticks
Capital Title
Cardio and Vascular Associates
CenTra, Inc
Central Transport
Dart Energy Corp
Driven Communications
Eaton Steel
Feiger Feiger Kenney and Johnson
Ford Motor Company
Gardner Signs
Grubb and Ellis
Hartman and Tyner
Henery Press
International Models Network, Inc
Hercules Drawn Steel
Holloway Construction
Holloway Sand and Gravel
International Union of Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America
JM Olson Construction
Kerry Steel
Lakeshore Properties
Landon Management
LD Realty
Nartron Corp
Nichols and Vann Media Group
Nolan Brothers of Texas
Paragon Properties
Pelle Pelle
PSA Essentials
Retired Detroit Police and Firefighters Association
Titan Metalergy
The Word Network
Thomas Dart
Tradewinds Aviation
Unibar Maintenance Services, Inc
Uniprop, Inc
Waterland Trucking
Windy City Equities